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When you think about cleaning your home to have better indoor air quality, think about it from the perspective of spring cleaning. In other words, you’re not just sweeping and wiping down surfaces, but you’re going to take 10 steps towards cleaner air in your home by doing those cleaning jobs that just don’t always get done.  Home Accents

Of course you’re going to have to do some regular cleaning as well. But as you start the regular cleaning, you’re going to take on some tasks that will help really get your home clean and the air clean as well.

First, clean all A/C filters or replace those for central heat and air units. Second, you’re going to want to clean the ceilings. Many people don’t do this, but dirt, grime and fuzz can stick to the ceilings. Cleaning the walls and getting cobwebs out of the corners is also part of this second step.

Third, move appliances and furniture around to clean thoroughly underneath them. You also want to clean the blinds and drapes in your home as well as the doors. Fifth, if you have carpeting, you need to get the carpets cleaned. This is huge when it comes to making sure your home is clean including the air you breathe. Much dust, dirt and allergens can be stuck to carpet fibers.

If you don’t have carpeting, then you need to thoroughly clean all flooring surfaces including places that aren’t always cleaned. Next, you need to clean out closets. Yes, they can be stuffed with junk. But, you need to do some cleaning in there and dusting the walls and inventory etc.

Disinfecting all surfaces is the next step that you need to take. This includes all corners that you normally don’t get to around cabinets and inside them. Wipe down all appliances, and just go around the home disinfecting everything. Once you have accomplished this, continue your spring cleaning efforts in relation to what is inside your home, and you will have much cleaner air.

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One of the investments within a home that receives the most risk of deterioration is the carpet in which one has installed. There are certain measures that must be adhered to in order to guarantee the life of the investment over time. One of the highest in priority is the acquiring of a licensed and trained professional to come and perform regular maintenance. Most higher end carpets also require a certain level of care to be performed in order to keep the material under their warranty. This places a bit of added responsibility to the customers to ensure that their investment is not carelessly going to waste.

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Although there are many products made available to the public that make guarantees that stains and traffic damage can be erased for good, it is not the case in just about every situation out there. Always have a good water damage company on call for any unexpected moments.  Your home is a great investment so protect it !  (Water Damage Indianapolis)With all of the information made available on the internet, and the ways it can be manipulated, there should not be this need to try every do-it-yourself solution given at the push of a button. Why risk permanently ruining the investment you have installed just to save a fraction in professional cleaning costs? It just doesn’t make sense on any level.

Since different types of carpet require different types of repair, the only way to ensure that they job is handled properly is to enlist the aid of a trained professional. Going in for the kill yourself could mean having to stare at an ugly piece of carpet that has been cut to size in a lame attempt to do the repair on your own.

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The worst of the worst germs and allergens thrive in our carpets and our kids lay on it!  Trust me my carpet is the cleanest of them all because I see what comes out from the carpets and it’s not pretty.  Things like regular vacuuming does help but it’s not enough.  You want to get down and get that dirt out as much as possible.


Let’s face it every spill accident our kids or we have most of that stays in the carpet.  Yes, we make an attempt to get it out as much as possible but not everything comes up because the average homeowner doesn’t own carpet-cleaning equipment.

Agood carpet cleaner can come in and do the job right and efficiently.   I highly recommend researching and checking out sites and Yelp reviews.  You want to know you’re paying for someone that is coming in and doing a good job.

Dirty carpets create mold spores, fill the air with allergens, and dust mites and this can cause our family and kids to sneeze and have allergies.  So, it’s important to keep the carpets cleaned so that our kids breathe better and live a healthier life.


today to schedule an appointment and get those carpets back in tiptop shape so our kids aren’t laying in a mess that we can’t see with the naked eye.


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Did you know that carpets are an indoor air filter or lack their of?   Carpets will actually trap soil, dirt, dander, germs, and bacteria plus more!  When it traps this in the carpet and then the carpet isn’t cleaned then it releases toxins and pollutants into the air which can cause you allergies or asthma.
What you want to avoid !!!

1) Don’t let your carpets get a large impact of those pollutants.  This means get your carpets cleaned a few times a year.  If you don’t like doing this … remove the carpet and get wood floors otherwise you are just contaminating your air that you’re breathing.

There are several ways to clean carpets and some say that hot water extraction is the best method . No matter what the whole point is to just get your carpets cleaned.   It’s a proven fact that it needs to be cleaned and it’s a proven fact that if you don’t it can cause asthma or an allergy.

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